Sunday, October 2, 2011

40K Warhammer Space Marine

I recently purchased the new release of THQ and RELIC.

40K Warhammer Space Marine.

Some people might think that this is just brainless violence, but the game was made simple enough to make the game more enjoyable. Some reviews that i have read and watched gave mixed results. But i got the feeling that the person that reviewed it had no clue what it was all about.

The Warhammer series has been around for a very long time. A short history lesson. This originally came out as a book or a sci-fi novel. Then a turn based dice game. Then moved to the PC as another turn based game with out the dice. It then became several variants of a real time strategy game. Now they have turned it into a 3rd person shooter. Which might i add they have got the sound effects of the weapons down! When i mean down i mean everything sounds like its supposed too.

Running around the battle field with the various weapons that are available to you, killing smashing, squashing, blowing up, shooting, this game has lots of melee combat. For those who love to get up close and personal. But im sad that most of the weapons aren't available. Like the terminator armor, Power fists, Power swords. But the power sword can be unlocked when you play online. Now online play is challenging it'll take hours of practice to be on par with everyone else.

This is the main character Captain Titus with his bolter pistol and chain sword. Shooting a Chaos Marine right in the face!


If you love the 40K universe like i do THQ and RELIC has done a wonderful amazing job with this game. I love it and give this game 8.5/10 score. i would have given this a higher score but i wish the ending was a little more exciting and more of the weapons were available and the story could have been longer. But i have a feeling they designed the game to keep you wanting more. Keeping my fingers crossed that they add a second chapter to this game. But this game doesn't end when you finish the game. It has a online ability were you can test your skills with other players. Leveling up allows you to unlock a wide variety of add ons. Weapons, armor types. You can customize your character 1.8 billion ways.


Recommended System Specs:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Any Quad core intel or AMD
RAM: 1gb (XP) 2GB (windows 7)
Video Card: 512MB Using shader 3 model (equivalent to an AMD 5750 or better)


OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core 6000+ 3.10 GHZ
Ram: 6GB (4GB on a dual channel - 2G on single channel)
Video Card: 512MB 9800GT green edition. (i burnt out my 8800GT because i was forcing it beyond what it can handle. LOL!)

My computer is no longer impressive anymore and I was originally having issues running this game. i would experience some lag issues and audio issues. The audio would have like a crackling noise in a combat situations and none combat situations. I found this very irritating and found it very difficult to concentrate on killing the enemy.But i found a solution for this.

Just download and install this free software and you will be able to increase the performance of your computer. It shuts off a lot of extra programs that run in the back ground that you don't need while you are playing. This boosted my computers performance by 42% and sometimes up to 44% and it works with any game. But this percentage given by gamebooster could be not accurate But the proof is the results i get when i play different games. shorter load times. Higher graphics possible.

So no worries about having an average PC. This is very helpful software for you to get the games you want to play to run smoother. i will definitely be using this software even when i upgrade my RIG.

If you downloaded the game for free. Support the people that made the game by buying it. They need our support so they can make more.

The start of it all

I finally made a decision on what monitor i want. It's a LG 20" model: E2041T.

Now some of you might have a taken a look at the specs of the screen and wondered. Why not something bigger with better screen resolution. The screen resolution may go as high as 1600x900. But what I am planning is not something new. ATI introduced the EYEFINITY back in 2009 which would allow you to use 3 screens or more. Depending on the video card that you purchase from ATI or the other companies that make that added the EYEFINITY to the video cards. This was originally not part of any video card. Normally this technology was being used by air traffic control centers or road traffic systems that needed to show lots of data on lots of screen. you would have to buy a separate piece of equipment aside from the video card. Now they have integrated this and made this more avail for the gaming scene. You would get a panoramic view of the battle field when playing a FPS (first person shooter). Just like you having peripheral vision in game. Now imagine having 3 monitors while playing and my screen resolution use to be 1600x900. With 3 monitors set to landscape my screen resolution would be 4800x900. Thank goodness this screen has a power saving feature on it. Good luck on the electric bill.

Past few days i have been playing games and watching movies. Hi def, standard def, The monitor is performing the way i was expecting. LG is a great company and this is a great buy. Affordable and good quality. It doesn't have that glossy finish which i like. It has like a brush polished finish just like a ZIPPO. The frame is small enough not to be noticed. when you put all 3 screens together. Thin and light weight. So much space on my desktop has been saved thanks to the people at LG.

I found this video very helpful on how this system works. I am so excited to build my new rig! Now buying this LG monitor is a good buy and i would need 2 more. It is good enough to have good screen resolution, cheap enough that it doesn't hurt my wallet.

Here is a link to the Sapphire website to get some idea what the difference is between a single monitor and a multiple screen when playing.

I still hasn't made a decision on what video card i while be using. But i recently learned that if this is the type of set up you want. You cannot use cross fire or in other words multiple video cards. You can only use one graphics card so choose wisely and make sure that it is powerful. The price tag while be higher then just picking 2 lower end graphics cards and just use cross fire. But having one card has its advantages. Some games wont run on cross fire and what i have read you might only get a 15% to 20% increase in performance. So having one card isn't so bad.


Multi tasking will be much easier. Because this is not just for gaming.
If you are a gamer. You will make your friends drool with envy.
Gaming is going to much easier due to the wide view.


It costs more to set up something like this.
You would be using more electricity.
This will eat up your desktop space.

3 monitors plus a new set up! LOTS TO SAVE! But in my opinion it will be worth it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My perfect pc

Coolermaster HAF 932. A full tower casing with a lot of room and a lot of potential. This casing allows me to place 2 internal power supplies. Can even support 9 120mm fans and 5+1 Hard disk drives. even enough room for a water cooling system. This is huge! Its Net Weight is 13.2 kg / 29.1 lb.

The Nvidia Geforce GTX 275. What a pretty sight. The video processor has 896mb and capable of 448bit , also has dualDVI,HDMI. Its bigger brother is times 2. Thank god they decided to use the 55nm video processor. Meaning it runs cooler then older cards like the 8800gt. Thats still using the 65nm processor.

The latest processor from AMD. Phenom II X4 905E 'Energy Saver' 2.5ghz 8mb cache Quad-Core. This new addition to the amd family uses less watts. less power doesn't mean less performance. It means better cooling with the same performance. They utilized the Intel way in this. By using a 45nm technology.

The coolermaster V8. It use to be the biggest and baddest CPU cooler on the block till the V10 came along. Heat pipes crossing through aluminum fins! Sandwiching a 120mm fan in the middle! Its like a processors wet dream! hehehehehehehhehehehe!

I'm still uncertain what monitor i want to use. Size? maybe 22inches. But i'm just wondering how it would be like to play games on a 40inch TV. Hook that up and be amazed by its awesome size! hahahahahhahah!

I'm still using this motherboard. because its still a very good board. Its compatible with new video cards and new processors. It is can us windows vista and windows 7 and i don't really want to get into the DDR3 memory modules at the moment. Once i find something better goodbye old motherboard and hello to the new one!

I currently have 3 hard drives that i am using on my PC i will just transfer those over and with the cooler master power supply. since the HAF 932 can handle 2 power supplies. I will just add a generic 500 watt power supply on a daisy chain and just split all the power between the 2 power supplies.

The Gamer's Life

The life of a gamer is a hard one. Between the risk of getting carpel tunnel syndrome and loosing your eye sight and the occasional upgrade for better parts for your PC (aka. your rig). Burning that hole in your wallet to get that PC part you have been waiting for. Or sometimes pre-order that game you have been waiting for since last year. Its one of those hobbies that are expensive to keep.

But you still keep doing it. Just wanting to immerse yourself in some fantasy. Some people have movie marathons. I have gaming marathons.

During 2009 alone, I might have accumulated around 300GB of games alone. If that's not a addiction i wouldn't know what is. But playing these games is great and safe. Being able to go through the jungles of the amazon. Or having a Dog fight over Russia's capital city during the 1940's. The different genre's they have for gaming will suit who are.

FPS (first person shooter) , RPG (role playing games) , RTS (real time strategy) even the most interesting of genre, the god game. Now most game developers have did a combination of these genres to leave you on the edge of your seat at times. Because it feels like that your really in the game and that you are that person saving the universe from utter disaster.

Game companies are improving the standards of the quality of the games. Just playing a hi def game on the highest settings requires a lot of powerful hardware and cooling. You have a wide variety of companies to choose from. Making the right choice pays off in the long run. But making the wrong choice you might end up. Upgrading your parts every couple of months.

So good luck in your gaming adventures and have fun.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The one

We all know how it is to fall in love, we bounce from one relationship to another. Till we land on that one relationship that really makes a difference. That's how it normally is. We see couples that have been together that seem like forever. Will that ever happen to me? But then we come across that one person that makes a real difference in your life. That one person that makes all decisions you have made to that point in your life. Making sense, instead of going left you made a right on the path of life.

Decisions that have never really made any sense. Till that one moment. You see this person and sometimes hope that this is the end of being just a me. But hope that it will be a we. No longer being a single but a dual act. Thoughts start racing about you and that person. Then you think some more. Then you come to the end result. You want this person to be the caretaker of the most valuable thing that you have. Your heart! Some people might think they are heartless and it is insignificant. But its still there.

No matter you want to hide it or push it away. Those people do exist. The one person you will be with forever. The one person who makes you complete. It is the greatest feeling that anyone can have and should never deny to their selves. Once you get that feeling. It's like being addicted to a drug and you can't help yourself for seconds.

You ask yourself over and over. Why do i want to be with this person. Then you still are asking the same question over and over. Then you come to that conclusion that this person does make me happy and makes me whole. That missing puzzle in our life. That makes everything fit into place. No matter what the sacrifices that have to be made. Because you know that your place is with that one person.

You are probably reading this and thinking that I'm full of it. But from first hand experience.
Finding that one person is not a myth. Or even some urban legend. It happens, We get lucky to find that one person that completes us. I wasn't even looking for her. I just found her on a Thursday. Now my puzzle pieces are falling into place. Now i can see the broader picture.

That this is the person that I want to be with for the rest of my life.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Now you know who are. You may or may not have experienced this, meet someone that caught your eye. Someone that you couldn't figure out. Someone that you have had a crush on that developed into to something bigger. Like LOVE?

Yes people the big L word! Love, it happens when you least expect it or when you don't really want it. But it calls to you like that last piece of cheesecake. Tempting you to go right ahead and just do it. You know how its like. To get the courage you need to ask that person out. The person you have been secretly admiring for days, weeks, months, years, (i think you get the point) just hoping she would say yes when you ask her out. Or hoping that the man would finally ask you out.

Even it would be a simple cup of coffee to a full blown night out on the town. But don't be afraid to take a chance. Taking chances in life is really worth it. You never know what to expect. That's the beauty of it. Like the famous saying from Forest Gump "Life's like a box of chocolates. you never know whatta gonna get" or my personal favorite "We are shaped and fashioned by what we love." That my blogger friends is from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Now you are thinking. Are there any hazards to falling in love with a coworker or even dating a coworker or even a close friend? Yes there is, you think what if it doesn't work out. Dating for months. Seeing each other on a daily basis. those awkward moments. It's a risk enough just stepping out of the house or even breathing the air now a days. But we still do it.

It's a risk that we all have to take and even make. Just to find out what will happen next. Is this the end of dating. Seeing or being with other people. A actual commitment. But the fear will be there no matter we see it or not. Is he or she right for me? Are we compatible enough? Will this person make me happy or will that person make me cry? Is there something more to his or her intentions? Is this person just after something that i have? What are their real motives? These are all basic questions that we tend to ask our selves, and end up driving us into a corner.

Is it fear of the uncertainty of the future? Its a scary thought. letting your defenses down and vulnerable. From past experiences you might have had, especially if you are a young woman. men chasing you around trying to get something, even expecting something from you. Its hard to fall in love. This even happens to guys. Wrong experience with a woman would shatter their whole perspective with women. Thinking that they are all same.

The only downside to falling in love is a couple of pounds gained. (something the gym would fix)
Wanting to drink all the time. (but lets face it. you like to drink a lot or occasionally anyway)
Feeling depressed (That's why you have really good friends)

But in the end of all that. We still try to find that one person. That makes us complete.